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When I first stepped into the gate of my college,I knew a new life was coming,and that must be the most wonderful days in my life. You may feel that college life is boring. We do not know how to deal with the plenty of spare ti...

My College Life First day in my dream college is fasicnating. Everything felt very different and refresh. I feel like everything I had been through in my highschool life will start all over. I am very excited to face the new ch...

My college life What can you do to make your college life colorful ? describe the ideal life in college . When I was in high school , I had dreamt of having a wonderful life in college . I said to myself that I would do lots of...

I am longing for my college life, which should be the greatest thing in the club. In the college, I can meet people with diverse background, taking classes I am interested in, reading varieties of books in the library and join ...


when i was a child, i often wondered what was college.i thought i would have a lot of freedom.there i could do something what i wanted to do. in college,i would make a lot of new friends,we could study knowlege together.Maybe i...

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