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My College Life First day in my dream college is fasicnating. Everything felt very different and refresh. I feel like everything I had been through in my highschool life will start all over. I am very excited to face the new ch...

My college life What can you do to make your college life colorful ? describe the ideal life in college . When I was in high school , I had dreamt of having a wonderful life in college . I said to myself that I would do lots of...


1.Let me tell you Umm....perhaps i should let you know my school life..\I am majoring in Business English.There are 68 girls,on the contrary only 6 boys,me included. But,Frankly it's a misery to me...... I hate girl in my class...

您好: 我的大学生活 双语对照 例句: 1. Anyway, I miss you my college life. 不管怎样,我怀念我的大学生活。 ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

what can you expect from college life?这句话是不是少了单词?比如:what can you expect to learn from collegue life?或者what can you expect to get from collegue life?或者what can you expect to know from collegue life?或者你告诉我...

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